May 4, 2011

miniature flowers frame

I use few weeks to prepare it (i know i made it slowly) the first part is making the background, i have tried few times to sew it, and then the most difficult part (for me) is making those miniature flowers... maybe my hands and my fingers are not nimble :(
i don't talk too much now... here they are~~ miniature flowers :)

this is a good gift for your mom on the coming mother's day~


Fabiola said...

Fantastic! I like these flowers.
Bye Faby

carol's clay.handiwork said...

thanks so much :)

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

These are so beautiful!!!! I'm sure it takes you a lot the time to make these. WOW!!!

carol's clay.handiwork said...

thanks, Kathy.
i'm planning to make another mini grasses frame later, if i don't fall into sleep... because it really makes me sleepy :) maybe those plants are too small