May 31, 2011

Giveaway!! 1

This is my first time to make a giveaway, hope everybody can join this event :) and i will have two prizes for two winners. We need to thank you  Giftshop (my friend's miniature supplier shop) sponsors a miniature ceramic tea pot and a miniature ceramic cup for this giveaway, and i made two miniature swiss rolls~ The giveaway is easy to play and if you like my miniature, let's join us~~

How to play:

1. become my follower

2. become Giftshop's fans -Click Here

3. leave message on this topic and tell me you would like to join this giveaway ( Don't forget this important step, otherwise i may miss your name... Please...please remember this!)

4. put the link of this giveaway on your blog can get your names twice for the drawing, please mention this on the message to let me know.

How to chose a winner:

i will print out all the names on small papers separately, and draw two names randomly


i will chose the winners on June, 7, 2011


the time will be changed to Jun 7, 2011. and I will make a final namelist to my blog on Jun 6, 2011, please come to check your name at that time. if there is any question, or i miss your name, please leave a  message to me here. 

Updated name list : (click it to see a larger name list) Please let me know if you've already follow my instructions and your name still are not here.


The first winner's prize:
(a flower tea pot, a cup of lemon tea, a fruit swiss roll and one piece of lace paper)

The second winner's prize:
(a blueberry chocolate swiss roll and one piece of lace paper)

I'm waiting for you to take them at home :-)

Here are more pictures of them:

May 26, 2011

miniature cake's key chain

This is a key chain/bag charms...with beads, a cute dessert mini spoon, and a piece of strawberry cake.

May 24, 2011

chocolate biscuits photo holder

chocolate biscuits with ice cream, a sweet dessert photo holder~

also, share one photo of my ice cream, the cone which i had shared it before on my blog :)

May 20, 2011

strawberry tart photo holder

I'm trying to finish another dessert photo holder which is behind the strawberry tart :) let me share strawberry tart at this time

May 18, 2011

Morning glory box

making clay flower is one of my favorite job... i can see many morning glory outside of supermarkets... people buy few pots of morning glory to home... 

May 16, 2011

bakery frame

biscuits... cupcake... donuts... macaroons...cookies...

ice cream cones

You can diy your own ice cream : strawberry, chocolate, mango or whatever you want. 
It can be a key chain, a bag charm, or necklace. 

May 13, 2011

free tutorial for my dear followers

google deleted my sharing!! how about yours? still here or deleted by google too??  i thought google is more stable than yahoo blog... however, it is the same~~ :(
i've already forgotten what i wrote on my previous post... but i remember i need to say thank you to my followers, so here are some free tutorial for you all, hope it can help you to make more and more beautiful miniatures :)
and also i will share more tutorial for my followers in the future!







May 4, 2011

miniature flowers frame

I use few weeks to prepare it (i know i made it slowly) the first part is making the background, i have tried few times to sew it, and then the most difficult part (for me) is making those miniature flowers... maybe my hands and my fingers are not nimble :(
i don't talk too much now... here they are~~ miniature flowers :)

this is a good gift for your mom on the coming mother's day~

May 3, 2011

I'm busy with my miniature flowers

these weeks i 'm busy with my mini flowers... it is quite difficult to make it  beautiful and realistic. my eyes were hurt during making those flowers... and sometimes feel sleepy too  ^^  i didn't learn and make it before... always see people can make it easily... but it is not easy actually :) will upload mini flowers' photo for all of you later