November 18, 2011

November 14, 2011

Breads and Sandwiches

This mini breads and sandwiches is from last year. You can choose cheese, ham or salad to eat! Look yummy!

October 25, 2011

Hi... here is peony!!

I haven't updated my new work for a long time. Here is my clay flower - Peony, hope you would like it! This flower is beautiful and very easy to make it! 

September 27, 2011

Out of town for almost 3 months

Hello, everybody! I'm in vacation now, but I won't stop making my handiwork.  Thanks for reading my blog~~

August 24, 2011

glass of lily

Lets share my clay flower~lily~ well... I really spent too much time on it, because it is difficult to make + I made it too slow... -_- the end... I really want to sleep... especially painted the flower... it is white color, and when you paint it, it seems nothing on it... 
but finally, i finished it~~  :) 

accompany with rampions bellflowers (made by clay)

this is real flower for your reference :)

August 4, 2011

free tutorial 3

this time i would like to post tutorials about how to make vegetables and fruits :)
hope you can also make a good miniature! and show me on your own blogs!!
Enjoy it~~

August 2, 2011

clay clay clay...

Now is August, time flies... and I will back to my home country in September, i'm excited now... Recently i'm busy on my clay flowers... it takes a lot of time to make one pot of real size flowers... and i just finished two only... suppose to make at least 8............ i'm still working on it... will upload some pictures for you later. 

July 21, 2011

change of blogger template

Dear all, I have just opened another blogger - carollsstar - for my jewelry and paper-tole handiwork. If you are interested in other carol's handicrafts, welcome to visit it :-) 
Due to many difference kinds of topics, i have made a menu bar just under the header. It would be let you more convenience to search other information.
Thank you for your supports!

July 2, 2011

cup of dessert

that's long long time I haven't updated my new miniatures
for this time, I have made some miniature desserts, still have two i haven't finished yet... 

honeydew juice, mango dessert, strawberry dessert and chestnut dessert




June 7, 2011

the result of giveaway 1

Updated news:

gifts are ready... will be mailed on this coming week :) sorry that i'm busy, and thank you for your waiting!


Once again, thank you all of you joining this giveaway :) 

All the names are printed on small papers. (my printer is out of ink... :P those are my handwriting~~)

put all the little sheets into a big envelope 

Drawing now

Our first winner is:

Our second winner is:

Congratulations! Fabiola and Plushpussycat. Please send your address to me. My email address is

June 6, 2011

The giveaway 1 is CLOSED!!

Today the giveaway is closed. Thank you for attending this event : )
The name list of attendees is uploaded. 
Tomorrow June 7,2011 I will chose two winners, Good luck~~

May 31, 2011

Giveaway!! 1

This is my first time to make a giveaway, hope everybody can join this event :) and i will have two prizes for two winners. We need to thank you  Giftshop (my friend's miniature supplier shop) sponsors a miniature ceramic tea pot and a miniature ceramic cup for this giveaway, and i made two miniature swiss rolls~ The giveaway is easy to play and if you like my miniature, let's join us~~

How to play:

1. become my follower

2. become Giftshop's fans -Click Here

3. leave message on this topic and tell me you would like to join this giveaway ( Don't forget this important step, otherwise i may miss your name... Please...please remember this!)

4. put the link of this giveaway on your blog can get your names twice for the drawing, please mention this on the message to let me know.

How to chose a winner:

i will print out all the names on small papers separately, and draw two names randomly


i will chose the winners on June, 7, 2011


the time will be changed to Jun 7, 2011. and I will make a final namelist to my blog on Jun 6, 2011, please come to check your name at that time. if there is any question, or i miss your name, please leave a  message to me here. 

Updated name list : (click it to see a larger name list) Please let me know if you've already follow my instructions and your name still are not here.


The first winner's prize:
(a flower tea pot, a cup of lemon tea, a fruit swiss roll and one piece of lace paper)

The second winner's prize:
(a blueberry chocolate swiss roll and one piece of lace paper)

I'm waiting for you to take them at home :-)

Here are more pictures of them:

May 26, 2011

miniature cake's key chain

This is a key chain/bag charms...with beads, a cute dessert mini spoon, and a piece of strawberry cake.