August 24, 2011

glass of lily

Lets share my clay flower~lily~ well... I really spent too much time on it, because it is difficult to make + I made it too slow... -_- the end... I really want to sleep... especially painted the flower... it is white color, and when you paint it, it seems nothing on it... 
but finally, i finished it~~  :) 

accompany with rampions bellflowers (made by clay)

this is real flower for your reference :)

August 4, 2011

free tutorial 3

this time i would like to post tutorials about how to make vegetables and fruits :)
hope you can also make a good miniature! and show me on your own blogs!!
Enjoy it~~

August 2, 2011

clay clay clay...

Now is August, time flies... and I will back to my home country in September, i'm excited now... Recently i'm busy on my clay flowers... it takes a lot of time to make one pot of real size flowers... and i just finished two only... suppose to make at least 8............ i'm still working on it... will upload some pictures for you later.