June 7, 2011

the result of giveaway 1

Updated news:

gifts are ready... will be mailed on this coming week :) sorry that i'm busy, and thank you for your waiting!


Once again, thank you all of you joining this giveaway :) 

All the names are printed on small papers. (my printer is out of ink... :P those are my handwriting~~)

put all the little sheets into a big envelope 

Drawing now

Our first winner is:

Our second winner is:

Congratulations! Fabiola and Plushpussycat. Please send your address to me. My email address is carol.clayhandiwork@gmail.com

June 6, 2011

The giveaway 1 is CLOSED!!

Today the giveaway is closed. Thank you for attending this event : )
The name list of attendees is uploaded. 
Tomorrow June 7,2011 I will chose two winners, Good luck~~